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Johnny | 21 September 2006, 5:52pm

Dear blog,

How are you? You must be really angry with me. I know I have been ignoring you for quite sometime now. Not that I have started getting atrracted to other blogs. I know and are very hot and sexy. But I still like you cuz of the mere fact that you are something different. You give me a sense of break from the usual mundane sites where all others blog. You give me a unique identity. Also, I can be sure that my local Hyderabadi people get to read you.

I will be back to take care of you. Soon. Very soon.




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The Fart Story

Johnny | 13 September 2006, 12:01am

Ok, basically there are four kinds of people in this world. They can be identified by the following:

1) All Fart No Shit Guys.
2) No Fart All Shit Guys.
3) All Fart All Shit Guys.
4) No Fart No Shit Guys.

All Fart No shit guys basically become the Managers.

No Fart All Shit guys basically become the Tech Leads.

All Fart All Shit guys basically become the VPs and CEOs.

No Fart No shit guys become the Software Engineers.

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Lost and Found

Johnny | 10 August 2006, 1:28am

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I lost her as soon as I found her.

She seemed to have a purpose.

The God sent, I Infer.


To tame me to normality,

Along came the Coal.

I found it, sensuality


I lost her,

Did I find her?

Or was she in the Transit?




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Johnny | 3 July 2006, 1:47pm

Speechless experience. I just don't understand how Sekhar Kammula managed to score such a beautiful hit after and equally mesmerizing Anand.

One wonderful movie can be an accident. But two of them back to back just go to prove this man's talent and sensibility to Telugu Audience. I am not a strong supporter of Telugu movies other than Pavan Kalyan movies, but Godavari just stands out.

The Hero's character made me see myself on screen. His aspirations and ambitions and his internal strength to stand against all the odds to see through his destiny is just amazing. All this given, the beautiful love story that unfolds between him and Kamalinee Mukherjee, just adds to the sensuality.

The whole episode of love on water is canvassed so beautifully, that it even beats the (Rose and Jack)'s Titanic. The subtle human elements like jealousy, happiness, and flattery are showcased in a lively manner on screen. Kamalinee Mukherjee again did an outstanding job in this movie. She stands out in the whole experience. Without her Godavari wouldn’t have been Godavari, in the same way as Anand wouldn’t have been Anand.

Final Word: If you are a Telugu understanding individual and you haven’t seen this film yet, please do. You can sue me to court if you are not satisfied. :)

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Should I?

Johnny | 28 June 2006, 7:38pm

Should I stop boozing?
Should I quit smoking?
Should I work hard?
Should I be not reckless?
Should I be disciplined?
Should I stop flirting?
Should I get committed?

........... I mean Why Should I?

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: pilla

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Heart Speaks

Johnny | 27 June 2006, 3:20pm

I am in a great new role. I have more responsibility than I ever had in my career of 1.5 years. I am doing work that is more visible and in a way is the core business of my company. But I am not happy yet.

Don't know why, I don't like reporting to anyone. I never liked being bossed around. Even in the last 1.5 years since I have started my work, I was rarely ordered to do anything. I did work with responsibility and a sense of ownership. My ex Manager never had the chance to point out any mistake in me, other than raising some timely procrastinating alarms. It was like working for my own company with a group of friends. I was happy.

But as I outgrew the work I was doing, I had to choose this new role that I am in now. The role demands lots of experience and ability. The management had put trust in me to be able to do the job. It all started out well. I am currently more in the process of ramping up things for myself apart from the adhoc tasks of helping my team out in its work.

But since last week, there has been some change in the way things are going around me. I saw people trying to boss me around. I see them trying to dictate terms to me. I agree they have the right to do so, cuz of the mere fact that they were born before me. Otherwise............. :(

All this makes me go into deep thoughts and strengthens my passion for a Startup.

I will do it. Some day, very soon.


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Current Music: manasaaa Gelupu needhe ra - Godavari

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Johnny | 21 May 2006, 11:19am

Deleted on request.

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Current Music: Everything I do.

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Hermingsons plight-2

Johnny | 27 April 2006, 4:29pm

Hermingson couldn’t ask for more. He didn’t have to try too hard to impress people around him. It took a rock to be not smitten by him. All this happened just along the way. No special effort was needed, or maybe he didn’t feel the way. All seemed good, but slowly something happened. Hermingson started feeling bored being a good guy. Hermingson was tempted to try the immoral and illegal, as the saying goes, “All the good things in life are either illegal or immoral.”

He started slowly to explore the intoxicated world. He started out with the toxic prepared from Barley. Even double the quantity of normal amount wouldn’t make him kneel down. He was called the king of Barley Juice. After a short eventful stint with Barley, he switched the organic compound to be Sugarcane leftovers. He liked it especially on cold days. Then came summer, he chose a milder form of millet juice. But the quantity increased 5 fold.

All this and much more that happened was fine, but then he felt something strange happening to him. His thoughts were wavering. He had wicked ideas. He stopped being sensitive to issues and people. All who ever existed for him was he. Now was the time he had to change, to be one eligible to be called a gentleman.

He would change soon. Pretty soon. Hermingson was sleeping.

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Hermingsons plight

Johnny | 24 April 2006, 4:32pm

Hermingson needed a big miracle for his normal state of being to resurface. He had long forgotten, the last time he did something good. He seemed to live on those bleak images of the innocent guy, who was scared to even talk rudely.

There was time when Hermingson was the favorite scapegoat of his friends. They made fun of his shy nature and nerdy appearance. Hermingson used to sport those heavy square shaped spectacles, through which people could hardly see his eyes. Then came the age of hormones. It transformed Hermingson drastically, though his morals were intact nevertheless. He slowly but surely became the one in the race for those hot babes. He was more involved in sports and cultural events.

He was witty enough to make any guy eat his socks. This surprised his mates. They feared him and respected him. Hermingson totally loved this. He finally had place for himself in the social circle. Even though hermingson was pretty average student in his school, he cracked the acad scene too. Hermingson was the most educated person now among his peers. The most smart and the most happy.

Part 2 to be continued.

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Testimonilas et al...

Johnny | 21 April 2006, 8:11am

A special person:   Sandeep V. Reddy
Hmm…when someone screams at u for not writing a testimonial for them, that gives u a small hint that u should write a testimonial for them, thus mister…here is the testimonial :D
What can I say about him that hasn’t already been said before? Hmm…his favourite fruits are apples and mangoes and that makes him a simple guy with simplistic tastes katey. He is a total lazy ass’d Nawab who likes chicken biryani…ok this is beginning to sound like a sneak peek into the dietary habits of the sandmaster, thus I shall change gears :D
He is the perfect combination of a flirt and a kid. Lots of girls have experienced his talent in the former category (for more the crush thread on orkut :p)…when he is in the latter category, a lil ruffling and prompting will do the trick to flip him back out of his anger :D oh yeah, dooby gets angry too! And when he does...make sure u aren’t anywhere close to
< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mt. Doobvius…consider u all as being told :D< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

A total idiot, he is mad enough to call u up just to hear u panting and running to get to a class, which u are late for because of him in the first place :p He likes movies and thinks that he has seen all the good movies that deserve to be seen :p He thinks the way to deal with dogs that bark at u late at night, is to shout back at them or begin barking urself too.
He can charm the timbers off of anyone and u would haveta be the statue of liberty to be unaffected by his ahem’s (just drink some water dooby!!!) :D He thinks it is funny to go and interrupt a boyfriend and a girlfriend chatting…he owes the Ambanis some 20 k + in telephone bills and if we ever hear stories of Anil Ambani’s dad loitering around some khabristan…u now know who’s fault it is tht tht poor guys aatma is bhatking around :D
A Derek o Brian in his own right, his kochchans are a piece of art and once he gets started, its v v v v v hard to escape them…take it from an expert :p

He has a habit of breaking into the most bollywood “baarana de” typo songs and jagjit singh ghazals at the most weirdest of times :D
Seeing him low, is torturous when u get to know the kinda person he normally is :)
He has big expectations from life and with his determination, am sure he’s gonna get there and do tht in a pretty short period of time.
Finally, he is incorrigible. Gets what he wants, if not in the first try…would bend
ur arm over and stand on it unless u give in :D and my permanent stay in uk has been approved..phew :D

When with doobster…just, kick back, relax and be amazed at this idiot’s ability to blow hours and not realize u’ve done so :D oh it is also guaranteed that u will either be laffing throughtout or tearing ur hair apart...
tht it for now...more if needs to be added or said :D

cheers dood :)

A close Cousin: abt this guy
well one of the most funniest persons i have ever met.he can make u laugh like hell in a sec but can make u mad faster. he has got loads of talent and he will never let anyone get better of gr8 person u can be with. u will never know how the time flew when u r with him. all in all i consider him my idol

Another close Cousin: well what can you sat=y about a pukka hyderabadi who has reamined one even after stayin in mumbai for 4 years

what can u say about a person with whom you dont even know that time existed

what can you say about the person whom i have never seen angry(as far as i rem)

what can you abt a person who is ur inspiration to bcome a five pointer

what can you say abt a person who makes you wait the whole day and finally comes and says "kab aya"

what can you say about a person who takes nothing serious (including his girlfriends)

well the only thing i can say that he ROCKS and thts my bro dumboo

 A good Friend: A cute girl is in the evil clutches of a bad guy and everyone wants the girl to be back.. The world needs a cool dude who can be trusted and who would bet his life for that...

Ladies & Gentleman.... I proudly present the testimonial of Sandeep Reddy aka sandu aka dumboo... when ppl say its fun hanging out with him...I dont know what they mean..But I would say he is the most coolest dude on earth... I was a bit tensed when he first failed in a course and he was trying to console me... I dont know whether sandy remembers this or not....

Hyderabad wouldnt have been fun with out you...Good luck for everything and may you get all the girls you lech on...

Goan Babe: ok first things first...i have no idea y SANDY calls himself JOHNNY REDDY sometimes.. I think its an extremely dumb one!:p

anyways,bk to the testimonial!

like ashutosh sed,ppl who crib,whinge,whine n complain tht they don't meet nice ppl have absolutely got to meet sandy!

this is one guy who is smart,goodlooking,great to talk to,a sports person(fm th looks of a few pics he sent me),a guy w a great sense of humour...yadda yadda yadda!!!

bottom line:an all round great guy n an all round great friend to have!

*thumbs up* to u sandy!ALL THE BEST BABE!;)

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Quarterly Review for the 10 NYR

Johnny | 17 April 2006, 4:16pm

1) To blog atleast twice a week. - Sucked awfully. - 0/5

2) To Crack GMAT 800. - Started on the preperation. Need to buck up. - 3/5

3) Professionally to see myself in a different role by feb end, or change to a different company. - Bang on target. I am in a different role, and I love it. :) - 5/5

4) To not flirt aimlessly. - Excellent self control shown. - 4.5/5

5) Save some money, and clear my credit bill of 80 k. - Cleared the bill, but again went into debt not as high as 80k though. - 2/5

6) Get fit and get those flat Abs. Again started on it. Lost 3 kgs. Long way to go. - 3/5.

7) Pursue playing guitar, atleast to the level where I can dedicate a song to someone. - Zeroed on the school. Yet to start. - 1/5

8) Play more of football. - Pretty good progress. Started playing lots of other sports too. 4/5

9) Resume Martial Arts training. - Started slowly but steadily. Will be the next Jet Li soon. - 3/5

10) Party Harder. - Miserable. I think No. 4 negates this. But had lots of Chanti Local Parties. ;) - 3.5/5

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Johnny | 11 April 2006, 2:36pm

Here I come, O Masters of pain
here I come, not to go invain.
Where art thou? my sweet whores
You make me cry, from all my holes.

Loser, they say, for I am Undone
Solace I find in the simple fun.
Elle, are all I seek
Rest of 'em being simple leak.

I found a soul so true
yet she has to go me through.
When she seems to be the one
I stumble upon a one more one.

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Johnny | 3 April 2006, 9:12am


1) One should'nt cheat on his wife/husband gf/bf.
2) One should'nt smoke or drink.
3) One should'nt go behind Money.
4) One should'nt pay for sex.


1) In all probability, given a good chance, he will not mind cheating.

2) He quit smoking, but in all probability he may restart. He can't quit boozing though.

3) All of his future plans revolve around how to make those $$$.

4) In all probability under the influence of alcohol, he might pay for a bomb.

So is he good or bad?

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Johnny | 6 March 2006, 3:59pm

Which seemed to cling on the call.
High was it to cope,
Hope was the only rope.

Father Father, she cried,
Made the angels lied.
Man made the God,
for he was to be loved.

Emotions within her,
She Swore to her brow.
She would repent it all,
if only it was real.

Emotions from past,
Traumas from the lust,
Haunt her till last,
making her go in tryst.

Was she to be blamed,
For she isnt tamed.
She could be He,
He made she.

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Bundle of Contradictions.

Johnny | 20 February 2006, 11:42am

Bundle: A Girl

If I am a bit sensitive, she says that I am a KID. If I am not sensitive, she says that I am a FLIRT.

When I don't show attention, she says I am ignoring her. When I do, she thinks I am trying to hit on her.

She doesn’t respond to every message of mine. Yet she keeps in touch.

If I mix well with other girls, she says she is possessive. If I don’t, she says that I am not sociable.

She is scared of commitment, yet she wants me to think of only her, all the time.

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